I want to thank all who voted for me in the Primary on May 22nd 2018. This is just the beginning and I am willing to do the hard work to earn and keep your vote on November 6, 2018. Together we can make the Madison County Detention Center a jail we all can be proud of.

I'm Steve Tussey and I'm a candidate for Madison County Jailer because I can help make Madison County a safer place to live. I retired as the National Safety Administrator for the entire Federal Prison System. For 10 years, since my retirement, Jailers across the country have called on me to help solve problems in their systems. There is not a problem facing the Madison County Jail that I have not already encountered and worked through. I have implemented time tested processes and procedures across this country in all kinds of facilities that resulted in greater safety and efficiency in our nation's jails.

I'm seeking this position because I have 35 years of correctional experience and over 3000 hours of training, and with this election, I have the unique opportunity to put my experience and training to work in our county government. My parents raised six sons on the farm in Round Hill. They brought three home from Vietnam safely. Their credo was to help who you could, when you could, always. I still live by that creed. When I retired I returned to Madison County because it is home and I love it here. Whether I am your jailer or not I will help who I can, when I can, always.

The Madison County Jail belongs to us as residents of this great county. You can use your vote to put the pieces in place that are necessary to create the safest most efficient jail in the Commonwealth. Your vote can result in an empowered correctional staff that receives gold standard training that results in a career rather than a job. Honoring your responsibility can create a transparent facility where those on the outside are proud of the integrity and dignity with which those on the inside are treated. You have the power to directly impact the health and well-being of our community.

Together we can embrace OUR RESPONSIBILTY and build a facility that is the envy of communities across the Commonwealth.

I'm asking for your vote on November 6th and help me to become YOUR Madison County Jailer.

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Experience That Matters

During my more than 30 years in corrections I have worked in prisons and jails around the country. I have had experience in every kind of correctional facility from minimum security camps to maximum security penitentiaries. I know what it takes to run a safe, secure and humane jail and that is exactly what I intend to do if you select me to be Madison County's next jailer.

Home Town Boy

Born and raised in Madison county I learned at an early age the value of a hard day's work, the difference between right and wrong that a man's word was his bond. I pledge to you if you elect me as your jailer I will run the jail in a professional, safe and secure manner and make every effort to return offenders back to the community with the tools to make a contribution to the community again.